2021-2022 SEASON

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, and our birds are starting to molt....... which only means one thing. Falconry season is coming to a close.

What a crazy year we have had! Most, if not all meets and gatherings were cancelled due to Covid 19. We had a freeze that shut down most of us from hawking and we had RHD come through and kill hundreds of thousands of rabbits too! What else could have been thrown at us this year?

I was able to travel a little with my birds, but it wasn't like years past. Game numbers were low, people were terrified and moral was at an all time low. I was happy to get out hawking with some of you.

Better times are coming friends. We are working on a few gatherings for summer and a meet or three for the coming season. Let's not forget about us  hosting The NAFA meet in Lone Wolf in November. Time to make up for lost time!!!

I hope to see all club members at the Picnic in Edmond. I speak for the club and cordially invite anyone interested in our crazy lifestyle to attend as well. Please notify me if you can make it so we have enough food.

I'd like to welcome all our new members! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or any of the other board members. If you would like to join the association please fill out the form HERE and we will be in touch shortly.

Here is to a quick summer, a clean molt. I hope we meet in the field with a bird on the fist fit, healthy and ready to go!



Phil Salvati, Jr.

OFA Secretary


The Oklahoma Falconers' Assoc. has agreed to host the 2021 North American Falconers' Assoc. 60th annual field meet. We have chosen Altus, Oklahoma as the destination city, please check in regularly throughout the year for more information.

You can follow updates and area information here!

If you would like to help us scout areas this season, serve on a committee, have any questions, contact the Committee Chairman.


The Oklahoma Falconers' Assoc. is planning a summer workshop for falconry newcomers. If you are interested in learning about becoming a falconer this is for you.

We will be setting a date at our summer picnic.


We are making plans for the coming season.


We will begin making plans for the coming season at the picnic. Stay tuned!


Stay tuned for future event dates!

Hope yo see you all there!