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Welcome to the web site of the Oklahoma Falconers' Association.  Please feel free to browse and learn more about "The Sport of Kings" as it is practiced in the Sooner state.  There is a fine tradition of falconry in Oklahoma, and it is our pleasure to share a glimpse of that ongoing tradition.

  • To facilitate and disseminate communication and information among and to members.

  • To promote the conservation of raptors, hunting habitat, and game.

  • To seek and promote laws and regulations that facilitate the proper practice of falconry, and the special hunting seasons required for falconry.

  • To establish and promote traditions that will aid, perpetuate, and further the welfare of falconry and the raptors falconry employs.



After one of the hottest summers in the last two years, I think we are all ready for the fall!

There are plans for two trapping events. One in Jet, OK at the Great Salt Plains and the other in the Panhandle of OK. The Latter is...



2022 -2023 Hunting Season Dates

Dove: 9/01 – 10/31 & 12/1 - 12/29

            Spec. Falconry Season: 2/18 - 3/06

Quail: 10/01 – 3/31/23

Pheasant: 10/01 – 3/31/23

Sora & Rail: 9/01 11/09

            Spec. Rail Falconry Season: 2/01 – 3/09/23

Gallinule: 9/01 – 11/09

            Spec. Falconry Season: 2/01 – 3/09/23

Woodcock: 10/30 – 12/13

            Spec. Falconry Season: 12/12 – 2/13/23

Read all season dates HERE

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