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Mont "Oscar" Pack
February 5th 1949- January 28th 2022

Lifelong falconer and beloved husband, father and friend to many, Oscar passed away this January of brain cancer at the age of 72. He was an avid falconer for nearly 50 years, flying everything from passage prairies to golden eagles with dedication and a wicked sense of humor. He was a pillar of the Oklahoma Falconers Association and of the falconry community, mentoring many falconers over the years and contributing his innovative drone, kite, trapping and training techniques. Indeed, he could make virtually anything a falconer might need. He was always trying new forms of falconry (often excelling at them), and never stopped learning and growing as a falconer.

He started flying golden eagles in his late fifties and was chairman of the IEAA from 2XXX-2XXX. Many of us fondly remember good days (and laughter!) in the field with Oscar and his female golden eagle, with whom he spent countless hours pursuing jackrabbits at home and at meets.  She was used as the model eagle for "The Hobbit" film, and a picture of her and Oscar are on an official postage stamp of Malta. Oscar represented the United States at the International Festival of Falconry in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, where he trained several falcons for lure flying in record time and flew a prairie falcon in particular to a standing ovation from the crowd.

A career mechanic, Oscar worked for Peterbilt and MHC Kenworth, receiving Mechanic of the Year three different times before retiring in 2013. He also enjoyed sandblasting glass and rocks, building birdhouses, shooting, and most of all going to his grandson's jujitsu tournaments. He is survived by the love of his life and wife of 53 years, Joanna, and a son, Monty Pack. Oscar was a true master falconer in every sense; he was kind and creative, a problem solver and hardworker. He and his birds were always a joy to be around. His loss continues to be felt deeply by the falconry community. 


The 2021-2022 season is over, the birds are up for the molt and the days are getting long and warmer.

Personally, I would like.....


Squirrel Bill Signing.jpg

 Left to right, Rep. Talley’s assistant, Rep. Talley’s wife Carol, Rep. Talley, Robert Huber, the Gov, Corey Jager, Wildlife Leg. Liaison, J.D. Strong, Director Wildlife, Sen. Allen and his wife.

Exciting news happening for squirrel season in Oklahoma! Thanks to the combined efforts of Director Huber, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, local legislature, and others, the first wildlife bill signed into law this year in Oklahoma was focused on Squirrel Season and biology. In years past, the season was not determined by the Dept of Wildlife but rather the legislature. Director Huber explains below,

“The squirrel season was set by statute in Oklahoma most likely back in the 1920s or 1930’s when squirrel was a primary food source for Oklahomans. In order for Oklahoma falconers to request an extended squirrel season we had to request a bill to remove the season dates from statutes. I volunteered to spearhead the process for the Oklahoma Falconers Association and drafted a bill to remove season dates and empower the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife to set season dates based on biology.“

The bill is a wonderful collaborative success for falconers and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.