The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation hosted the fourteenth annual Outdoor Expo at The Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This year's event was held on September 27th through the 29th.

The Oklahoma Falconers had an informational booth to educate the public on raptors and falconry as it is practiced in the Sooner State.

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OFA member Ricky Harris brought his two falconry charges. On the left, Lena, a three time inter-mewed Tundra Peregrine Falcon. On the right is Gretchan, a five time inter-mewed Red Tailed Hawk.

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OFA members Ron with his newly trapped passage Red Tail Hawk, Scout #10, Samantha with her newly trapped passage Red Tailed Hawk, Loki and Joel with his captive bred Harris' Hawk.

We are excited to be a part of this event every year. It is such a pleasure to see the interest of the rators in our state by the general public.

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The 2019 annual picnic and business meeting was held in Yukon this year. A great time was had by all. We couldn't have asked for better weather, sans the 20 minute deluge. It was great to see everyone, and see the new pups and birds for the coming season.

Thanks to Perry for hosting and cooking for the event. The food was fantastic and the setting was perfect!

Jessica did a heck of a job gathering donations for the raffle! Look at all those goodies, they encompassed three tables. A heartfelt thanks to all the companies and club members that donated to our cause.

We appreciate all that made the trip, to those that couldn't, know that you were missed. Here's to a good summer and a clean molt.

See you in the fall,


The OFA Board

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2020 Winter Meet

The 2020 Winter meet was held in Mountain Park, OK. Krys was good enough to welcome us at his ranch again this year.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't as hospitable as our host. The temperatures were more than good but the winds played havoc on our hawking.

Two of the longwings that were able to get a few slips just couldn't make the connection. The ducks were not willing to fly far from the pond and the falcons just couldn't beat the wind.

2020 Winter meet 1.jpg
2020 Winter meet 2.JPG

The afternoon brought higher temperatures but the wind still kept most birds grounded.

Krys and Phil were able to get their Harris' Hawks out in a cast. The rabbits weren't cooperating and the birds had a tough time!

The life of a falconer isn't always fun or easy.  We made the best of what we had. We got to see some very acrobatic flights and talk with a few friends we haven't seen in months.


The Oklahoma Falconer's Association and The Kansas Hawking Club friends meet has been an annual event for many years. This year it was held at Cowley Lake  on March 6 through the 8th.

Several of us rolled in to camp early afternoon on Friday. We were able to get a few longwings up before the sun started to set.

Phil's tiercel was up first over a pond where several Mallards and Divers were taking cover from the wind. DC knocked one out of the air on his first stoop but couldn't keep a hold on it. After several remounts and tail chases we called him to the lure for a break.

2020 friends meet 1.jpg
2020 friends meet 2.jpg
2020 friends meet 3.jpg

Saturday's forecast was high winds by 10AM.We only got a chance to get one bird up. She had a good slip but couldn't make the connection. The weather blew in and sent us to town for breakfast. The rest of the day was not looking good and Sunday wasn't looking any better. The group decided to call it done. We all packed up our trucks, secured our animals and said goodbye.

Another hawking season has ended. Here's to a clean molt and a fun summer. See you all in the fall!

Chris' new young Tiercel was up next. We had a pretty good set for a young bird, with two divers on the pond.

Chris wasn't expecting much from this young guy as this would be his second chance on game. His falcon took a wide berth to pitch up and waited on us to flush. The group charged the pond.... the ducks flushed in different directions. one went with the wind and met his demise from the stooping young tiercel. The other hooked right and crashed into the trees. We had a successful comical double.... all on video!

We headed back to the campground to meet other falconers and called it a day as the winds started to pick up. Dinner and a few cold beverages was the plan for the evening.

This meet always brings good times with good friends around the campfire, and this one lived up to the task! Tales were told of this last hawking season,  plans for new birds coming and lots of questions from new apprentices!

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